Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 7

I'm on day 7, today i was 147 - a pound up from yesterday! Whenever i do the salt water flush I seem to stall or gain a pound I think. It's happened on all 3 occasions when I did it, and as soon as i stopped doing it i dropped 3 lbs. I think I need to get some lax tea to use instead.

So I think I have enough maple to last me up until the morning of day 10. And now in my head I'm thinking I have 2 choices... to buy another bottle and keep doing the MC till day 12/13. Or to just have less maple syrup. I'm already having way less than is recommended.. it's supposed to be 2 tbsp in each glass, but i use 1 (smaller) tbsp cause I got freaked out that on the 2nd day I was drinking more calories than i was eating before the master cleanse. So now I have about 150/200 cals a day through about 4 drinks.

They say the master cleanse is a 10 day process, but easing out is very slow or you get severe pains. So Day 11 I have to drink watered down orange juice, Day 2 is juice and some broth... basically 1 vege stock cube and Day 3 is raw fruit and veg.

I'm really hoping I get down to 143 by the end of this process. Which leaves me 10 pounds towards my first goal weight...! (if the MC weight doesn't go back on).

Does anyone have any tips and food that's low cal and raises metabolism? cause my metabolisms going to be pretty much non existent when I come off this and start eating more than 200 calories a day.



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  1. Eat little and often, with exercise! Thats the key :) And celery!! xx