Saturday, 25 February 2012


Okay. So basically I haven't been on here in absolutely ages so SORRY for being so shit!

I had an amazing holiday. and i mean FUCKING AMAZING. I left on the 5th Feb and weighed down to 144. Since then I've just eaten complete shit because I didn't put on weight on holiday (and I was eating fucking loads... like an unhuman amount).. which gave me the impression that I had turned into one of those fucking amazing robot human beings who eat whatever the fuck they want and never put on weight....

Well. Guess what? I was wrong.

I am now 149. And ready to get back on it. 

I think I should really set some goals, give me something to keep me motivated you know? My first end goal for when I started was to be 139... and then continue from there. So my goal for now is 139 - 10 pounds loss. I did quite well in January - I lost 14 pounds in a month. So I'm going to say 25th March is my target for 139.

25th March 2012. 139.