Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 7

I'm on day 7, today i was 147 - a pound up from yesterday! Whenever i do the salt water flush I seem to stall or gain a pound I think. It's happened on all 3 occasions when I did it, and as soon as i stopped doing it i dropped 3 lbs. I think I need to get some lax tea to use instead.

So I think I have enough maple to last me up until the morning of day 10. And now in my head I'm thinking I have 2 choices... to buy another bottle and keep doing the MC till day 12/13. Or to just have less maple syrup. I'm already having way less than is recommended.. it's supposed to be 2 tbsp in each glass, but i use 1 (smaller) tbsp cause I got freaked out that on the 2nd day I was drinking more calories than i was eating before the master cleanse. So now I have about 150/200 cals a day through about 4 drinks.

They say the master cleanse is a 10 day process, but easing out is very slow or you get severe pains. So Day 11 I have to drink watered down orange juice, Day 2 is juice and some broth... basically 1 vege stock cube and Day 3 is raw fruit and veg.

I'm really hoping I get down to 143 by the end of this process. Which leaves me 10 pounds towards my first goal weight...! (if the MC weight doesn't go back on).

Does anyone have any tips and food that's low cal and raises metabolism? cause my metabolisms going to be pretty much non existent when I come off this and start eating more than 200 calories a day.



Monday, 23 April 2012

Day 5.

Woah, so yesterday was redic. I woke up and couldn't even bring myself to get out of bed for 2 hours, I just had zero energy. When I got up I chased 2 drinks which made me feel a lot better until about 4pm when I got the complete shakes and had to go home and get back into bed.

The annoying this about this diet is you sometimes wake up with energy, and then during the afternoon it just disapears, so you end up being really unproductive. and then at midnight, you get into bed and you have fuck loads of energy and don't get to sleep until like 4... it's really getting annoying.

Annnnnyyyywaaaayyyyzzzz, i'm down to 147.5. I stopped doing the salt water flushes because 1. they're rank. and 2. they made me stall on my weight loss for 3 days which really made me consider quitting the master cleanse. I'll do one on the final day though just to clear all the toxins and stuff from my body.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Day 3.

So that last 2 days have been pretty slow. I've stuck to the master cleanse, doing a salt water flush in the mornings and drinking the 'lemonade' in the day. I'm at 150.5 today. So i've lost around 3 pounds.

I have 8 more full days, including today to go. It's honestly so tough. In my head I feel like I can do it, and keep doing it until i'm at 140, and then slowly introduce the soup diet until July - so hopefully I can be around 130-35 by then. But deep down i dont think my willpowers going to last this long. These 2 days have been the slowest of my life, not because i'm hungry - because I haven't felt hungry once, but because this diet is making me wake up stupidly early, and go to bed stupidly late, and give me major crashes so I don't have energy until late at night. I haven't worked out in a week, I really need to!

How's everyone doing? Hope you're all well!

Always here


Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Master Cleanse.


I started today. Weighing in at 152.6. All I've had today is 4 of the master cleanse drinks (you're supposed to have 6 minimum but I wasn't hungry and was busy!). But I've had a fuck load of water and some peppermint tea aswell. I'm going to bed feeling pretty satisfied, not hungry at all.

I'm really excited to see what happens tomorrow. I really need you guys at the moment, I'm pretty sure the next 9 days are going to be the worst. And I'm really determined to finish it, I'm just not sure if i'll have this same willpower when i'm starving in a few days.

love love x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012



So far so good. I'm down to 153, so 3 pounds. Im still at home so couldn't get out of eating dinner, we just had veg and prawn stir fry though. I put it into myfitnesspal and it came up as only 150! As well as that I've had a tall soya latte and an apple. All in all about 400/450 calories for today.

I was messing around with a BMI calculator and found out I need to be around 133-135 lbs to be underweight for my height.. for some reason I thought i'd be less cause i'm really tall.

I go away for the whole summer in 91 days. I was just wondering how much weight loss you guys think I might be able to lose by then? I'm following a strict diet of no more than 500 calories a day, yet will be eating around 350 or less most days. And I have a gym right around the corner so will be going at least 3/4 times a week doing a lot of cardio and ab/arm work.

I really just want to keep motivated and get to at least 133 by July. If i can get down to 126 that would be absolutely amazing!!

Let's just hope this isn't all talk and I can actually keep up with the targets I'm setting!! Anyone out there doing something similar and what to make some similar weight loss targets? Would be great to do this with someone :)


Sunday, 15 April 2012

My fitness pal

Okay. I've decided to start using myfitnesspal but publishing it on my blog. That way both what I'm eating and the weight I'm losing can be see by others... and hopefully the embarrassment of that will get me back on track.

I haven't decided when I'm doing the master cleanse yet, it all depends on when I go back to uni.

Think thin guys. x

Friday, 13 April 2012


So it's been a month since my last post and all I've done is eat and get fat.

Today i feel low. and so alone. It's like you live your life thinking positive and then one night everything just hits you. and you can't bear it. I spend my life ignoring the negatives in situations, ignoring how alone and unloved i feel, blocking people out, i suppose that's kind of a good thing right? Thinking positive? But then I see my weight creeping up and I know exactly why I'm doing it. Because eating makes people feel better, yea...? NO. this is emotion i need to change.

In January I completely blocked out this urge, I had so much self control I was eating 200 calories a day, exercising loads and feeling amazing. I lost like 12lbs in 3 weeks. And i felt like i was in control of my life for the first time in ages. And then I got comfortable, and forgot about everything and now I'm exactly where i started on the 1st January 2012. 152 pounds. and miserable. I can't bear looking in the mirror, I can't bear looking at my tiny friends who eat anything and everything they want and still look incredible. I've fucked up my body so much that eating steadily for a while means I put on weight. My body is so used to eating soup, and one meal a day that when I act 'normally' it decides I should be obese.

So has anyone heard of the Master Cleanse? I've been meaning to do it for ages. 10 days of drinking water mixed with lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Most people lose around 8-12 pounds in the 10 days and are left detached from their old food habits and emotions. I think this is what I need to get myself back in that mindset. If I can manage 10 days then I can end it by going back onto my soup diet. And hopefully sort my life/body out. But I suppose it's easier said that done. Especially in my case. My last blog post was raving about how thin I was going to get and how determined I was... pretty sure that didn't work out.

Personally, I think the fact that I lost weight so easily in January just gave me the mindset that I could eat whatever I wanted until I put it all back on, just because I can lose it again. But its like although I weight the same, i can tell I'm bigger. Everything. My legs, my bum, my face, my arms. EVERYTHING.

So basically I'm going to start the master cleanse as soon as I go back to uni, which should be sometime over the next week. Until then I'll just be having soup to prepare myself.

I hope people actually read this. I need you right now. I feel so alone.